Caleo Group understands the complexities of the healthcare business environment. We are passionate about supporting providers and medical products companies to meet the needs of the dynamic patient population.

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Caleo Group brings unique and expansive marketing expertise in the medical industry. Combined, we have spent over 28 years driving therapy marketing initiatives, and launching medical products at Baxter Healthcare. Our background includes marketing responsibility for a $270 million medical products business. Our knowledge spans therapies, provider economics, reimbursement, technologies and global markets.

We bring vast marketplace knowledge and experiences to healthcare companies:

 Medical Education and Training Initiatives:

 Physician education programs -
CE courses, local and national meetings
Web-based educational initiatives
Medical association congresses and symposia

 Direct-to-patient marketing programs -
Relationship marketing direct mail program
Direct-response TV advertising
Patient education website development

 Clinical Training -
Patient user guides
Nurse education seminars, tools
Therapy and product training manuals

 Product and Service Marketing:

Global and US medical device launch experience
Therapy growth tools and messaging
Product and service development, portfolio management
Market research with physicians, patients, and nurses
Development of value-added service offerings

 Healthcare Economics:

Reimbursement tools
Provider economic analyses
Financial justification for medical products, services

 Provider Marketing Support:

Patient and staff satisfaction measurement
National Account physician and patient programs
Localized referral programs
Facility and practice consulting
Image and branding

Healthcare Marketing Expertise