What We Do

Our experience spans the spectrum of traditional marketing functions:


Strategy Development:

 Environmental assessment

 Business/Portfolio assessment

 Financial projections

 Comprehensive Strategic & Business Plans


Product, Program, and Service Development:

 Customer needs assessment

 Competitive analysis

 Market analysis

 Scenario modeling

 Technology assessment

 Test market evaluation


Marketing Launches:



 Pricing strategies

 Physician / customer education programs


 Internet/web marketing

 Product brochures, videos, user guides

 Sales training and sales tool development

 Trade show promotional activities

 Customer presentations

Business Life-Cycle Management:

 Customer satisfaction measurement

 Competitive response assessment

 Customer advocacy development

 Industry/trade association management

 Customer relationship marketing

 Customer loyalty programs

Caleo Group has 35+ years of marketing experience; we have led initiatives spanning the spectrum from strategy to tactics, across industries and businesses.

Creative. Adaptable. Listening. Energized. Objective.

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