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Strategic Journey - Phases

Journey Phases


Phase One:

Who and Where Are You? -- a thorough business assessment capturing internal and external factors


Phase Two:

Who and Where Do You Want To Be? -- defining your vision and goals for the future in, say, 5 years


Phase Three:

Getting There: How, and What? -- creating the path for your organization to take. Over time, the gaps between where you are and where you want to be are filled and your vision is achieved.

This phase potentially includes:

 Marketing plan

 Product portfolio

 Activities to drive sales growth

 Identification of barriers and solutions

 Competitive intelligence

 Flexible response to changes in the external environment

 Technology assessment


Caleo Group brings the experience and objectivity to support businesses at these critical junctures, as marketing and management teams seek to define their position and develop a planned approach to the future.

The Strategic Journey An Overview

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